Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a library card?

Short Answer: Library cards are free to all Kansas residents and property owners. Stop by the Circulation desk with your photo ID and proof of address. If you address is correct on your ID, then that’s all we need.

Long Answer:

Requirements to obtain a library card:

  • Photo ID showing current address (driver’s license preferred)
  • If photo ID does not show current address, any printed material that shows current address is acceptable (printed checks, utility bill, cancelled envelope, etc.), along with the photo ID
  • Children may use their parents’ ID if they have no proof of current address.
  • An individual who owns property in Kansas but does not live here may show a property tax bill in order to be considered a resident.
  • An applicant who cannot prove current address may be issued a temporary library card and may check out up to two items. This limit will remain in place until valid proof of current address is provided.
  • A PSU student ID is considered proof of address and is treated as if cardholder is a Kansas resident. Cards issued to PSU students residing out of state will expire annually.

Please click here for the PPL Library Card Policy.

How do I apply for a job at the library?
How can I reserve a meeting space at the library?

Please note: The Pittsburg Public Library is having the flooring replaced throughout the building. While this project is taking place, the library will not be scheduling meeting rooms. Please feel free to check back in May. Thanks for your understanding. 


There are two ways to reserve a meeting room:

What you need to know:

  • Pittsburg Public Library has two rooms available for use by community groups during normal library operating hours.
  • The rooms may be used by any group that is engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities.
  • All meetings are considered open to the public.
  • In addition, Pittsburg businesses may reserve either room for internal employee training.
  • We do not make the room available for private parties, such as birthday parties or showers.

Available Meeting Space: 

  • The first floor meeting room holds about 40 people. We have tables and chairs available and you are welcome to arrange the room to meet your needs.
  • The second floor seminar room holds about 20 people and has two board room style tables and chairs.


Please click here for the PPL Meeting Room policy.

Can I check out without a library card?

Yes! Your date of birth can be used to verify your identity. We’ll try our best to help you check out.

How do I connect to the library’s Wi-Fi?
  • Pittsburg Public Library has several Wi-Fi connections available to the public.
  • You do not need a library card to use our Wi-Fi.
  • Internet content on all library networks is filtered.
  • Please visit the computer lab on the second floor if you need assistance.

Please click here for the PPL Computer Usage policy.

How do I get a PIN?

Please stop by or call the library at (620) 231-8110 to obtain your PIN. We can also reset it for you, in person or over the phone.

Click here to access your library account with your name, library card number, and PIN.