From the Stacks
By Carol Ann Robb, PPL Reference Librarian
It’s been one of those weeks—book discussion on Tuesday, Cup of Conversation with Tawnya Bach on Thursday (you missed a good coffee morning if you weren’t there), showing the ropes to our new hire, Abi (she’s very nice—stop by to say hi), and suddenly I need to write a little something for a Facebook post and my mind is a total blank!
So, I decided we all need to share book titles—what we’re reading, want to read, or have heard is good. I’ll start…
I enjoyed Robert Thorogood’s “Marlow Murder Club”—the characters were original, setting was great, and the plot interesting. The next two books in the series are definitely on my to read list.
Although I just started “Underground Library” by Jennifer Ryan, I already know it is going to interfere with any plans I might have had this weekend. It’s revolves around a library in London during the Blitz—all the elements I long for in a book.
That’s it for me—what books will you be spending your weekend reading?