By Carol Ann Robb, PPL Reference Librarian

I hope those of you who enjoyed snow days this week had plenty of reading material on hand.  That’s one reason I never give anyone asking for suggestions just one book—what if you don’t like it, have already read it, or have two snow days in a row? One can never have too many books in their “to read” stack.

When I texted a friend that I’d be enjoying a second snow day, she replied that I should make a batch of cookies.  I told her, “nope—I’d rather read” (though I did have stew bubbling away in the crock-pot).  And that’s what I did.

But I will admit, it was a book that I chose for its cover—it looked so darn perfect.  But it wasn’t, yet I completed it because A) it was short and B) I wanted to see how many inaccuracies I could find in it (answer: a lot!)

Snow day reading means different things to different people.  For some, a day of uninterrupted reading might include a grand saga.  Or perhaps you prefer something light that doesn’t require a lot of thought. Something gripping that you just can’t put down might be the perfect read for a day too cold to go outside. Maybe you want to look through cookbooks to plan next week’s menus.  That’s why there are so many different books.  There’s always at least one to suit whatever mood you are in.

I really hate snow and ice and hope we’ve had our allotment for the year but just in case we haven’t, what do you suggest is the perfect book for snow day reading?