From the Stacks
By Carol Ann Robb, PPL Reference Librarian

Getting ready for your summer getaway? If so, you’ve undoubtedly made lists of what to do to get ready: fill up the gas tank, pack clothes, get snacks for the trip, and, of course, check out books from the library. What—you forgot about that last item? Will you have time to grab some before you head out on your summer trip?

Well, I realize that sometimes getting books isn’t your highest priority (breaks my heart a little but I’m a realist) so the Adult Services staff has stepped in to help you get some books for your road trip in a minimal amount of time. “Grab & Go” books have been assembled so all you have to do is come up to the second floor, take a right, and you’ll find yourself in front of shelves holding a collection of two books sharing a common thread bundled together. And since we want to make this as easy as possible for you, the traveler, each pair has a heading identifying their theme.

Perhaps you want something on the light side, in which case “Bee Happy” might catch your eye (yes, bees feature in the stories). Or how about “Book Biz”, which are about bookstores. Maybe you’ve not been able to see the new Downton Abbey movie; grab the pair of books for DA fans.

If magical realism is your choice of reading, there are currently two different bundles that will interest you, as well as adventure and mystery titles. And, of course, what is more appropriate for road trippers than two books on road trips?

Not planning a getaway? Well, Grab & Go books work just as well for staycations or anyone short on time. Topics for our Grab & Go books will change throughout the summer so keep checking to see what’s new

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as perusing the shelves, picking up a book and studying the synopsis but well, sometimes that’s just not possible. Grab & Go books are a great solution–just pop in, grab a bundle or two, and head home with your find.