From the Stacks
By Carol Ann Robb, PPL Reference Librarian

Although I’m not the most organized person, I do keep track of the books I’ve read (the list of books I want to read is kept in my head—which explains why I don’t always get to them). Every time I finish a book, I grab my notebook and write down the title, author, my rating (from one star to four), and short comments. Note: I’ve never given a title one star—if the book’s that bad, I don’t finish it and those books don’t count.

If you were to look through it, there would be several authors who pop up quite regularly, especially those who write a series that I get hooked on or maybe I just like their writing style. My most recent entry, #27 for 2022, fits into both of those categories. Sort of.

Abbi Waxman’s fifth and most recent book, “Adult Assembly Required,” isn’t quite a sequel to “Bookish Life of Nina Hill,” but characters you met in that most excellent novel (as well as some from “Garden of Small Beginnings”) show up, so it’s almost like you’re attending a reunion of friends. And you meet some new ones who are very likable. Can you guess how many stars I gave this title? Another note: this book has reserves on it so don’t look for it on the shelf—but we’ll add you to the list. Or check out the e-book version on Axis 360, which was available as of Thursday morning.

I often suggest Waxman’s books when someone asks for “a light read”—but they certainly aren’t fluff. Her characters are complex and she tackles some serious, tough situations but in completely believable, slightly quirky ways. I find myself smiling as I read her books, or thinking, “I’d like to know these people.”

If you’re looking for a gritty thriller, give these a pass. But for a feel-good read, look for Abbi Waxman on our fiction shelves.