From the Stacks
By Carol Ann Robb, PPL Reference Librarian
Whenever I learn one of my favorite authors is coming out with a new book my first thought is, “Great! I love his/her books.” Then doubt sets in: what if it’s not as good as the last one and then I’m left in limbo until the book is published and I sit down to open the first page?

That’s what happened with “The River We Remember,” which came out last September. I just love William Kent Krueger’s books but what if this one wasn’t up to snuff? I was almost afraid to open it but fortunately, Mr. Krueger came through and it’s now my second favorite of his. If you’ve not read it, you need to get it on your list pronto!

And now I’m faced with a similar situation. I was pleasantly surprised with Eileen Garvin’s novel “The Music of Bees,” which I only picked up because it was about bees (hence the name) but it became one of my top reads of 2022. Her latest, “Crow Talk” (I assume there’s a crow in the storyline), is sitting next to me as I write this. I’m either in for a very enjoyable or a very long weekend. I’ll let you know.

Richard Osman’s next book is not part of “The Thursday Murder Club” series—and all of those have delighted me (well, the fourth one was a little on the morose side)—but his new series beginning with “We Solve Murders” comes out in September. Will it be as good? Time will tell.

David Rosenfelt may be the only reliable author that consistently delivers a book that I know I’ll love (hope I didn’t just jinx it). Andy Carpenter and company have yet to fail when it comes to a mystery that marks all the boxes for me. Fortunately, I only have to wait until July to find out if his streak continues.

It’s a crapshoot every time I pick up a book so it shouldn’t surprise me if a proven author writes a clunker, but it’s tends to be more disappointing. Rightly or wrongly, I hold them to a higher standard and expect nothing but the best from them. Still, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be a happy reader when I pick up new titles by old, favorite authors. And no doubt I’ll also find some good new authors who I can add to my favorites list.